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Exclusive live on-camera interview with Saint John Hunt, eldest son of America's super-spy E. Howard Hunt.

Hunt fulfilled a 27-year career serving as a C.I.A. executive officer, both directing and participating hands-on in covert operations throughout Central & South America, orchestrating coups in Guatemala and Chile, supervising "Executive Action" political assassinations, planning the "Bay of Pigs" invasion and functioning as team leader in the Watergate black bag burglary that ultimately lead to the impeachment of President Richard Nixon.

E. Howard Hunt's career as a savvy, sophisticated intellectual, yet tough-as-nails team leader & 'can do' covert operative, made him the perfect Hollywood spy "role model" for characters like television's Mission Impossible team leader "Mister Phelps" and the follow-up film series, featuring Tom Cruise as "Ethan Hunt", a thinly veiled reference to Everett Howard Hunt.

In this explosively revealing, in-depth one-hour interview, Saint John Hunt discusses his unique, intimate relationship and bond of secrecy with his father, the death of his mother in a mysterious plane crash as she was transporting Watergate hush money along with other potentially incriminating documents, his own participation assisting his father in disposing of Watergate evidence, and his father's first-hand account and evidence revealing the principal players, motives and plot details of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

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